GrindersEdge Inc manufactures all types of special tooling.
a) Dovetail form tools
b) Dovetail holders,anvils, and inserts
c) Reamers (TCT and HSS) various steps and sizes.
d) Drills (Straight flute, 1,2,3, & 4)
e) Trepan tools (2,3, & 4 flute)
f ) Counter bore tools.
g )Circular form and size tools.
h) T-Slot cutters w/radius or straight.
I ) Recess tools (All sizes to 2" Dia.)
J )Inserted holders and boring tools.
GrindersEdge Inc
7650 Hwy.7
Lyles, Tn. 37098

PH.# (931)670-4639
FAX# (931)670-4654
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